Full Obedience Requires Strength

If the world only knew the depth of God. His mighty hand is in all we do. But if we don’Imaget follow Him how will we know how He can work in our life? It’s really simple, be obedient. Being Obedient is not easy sometimes, hey we all want to get up and do whatever please our selves. God wants us to live a happy life but many people will live for this world that fades away. Some will say life is short live for today! Yes one day at a time bu who are you living for yourself or for the Kingdom ahead?

God only wants you to appreciate what He has given you and tell Him so. What is hard about living through His commandments and knowing who gives you life? 

Many will falter these days ahead, but if you stay in obedience with the Lord, you will be sheltered from harm, no one can take your life but Him. We are so blessed to be able to live in this time of turbulence, we are chosen to live at this time of turbulence so we can remain in Him who gives us life to help others see that this is trials of God, awakening many to what will be coming in the future if they do not start to heed His word..

To all that read this may you hear these words and adhere to them today, You are chosen, do what you must to save the lost.



About disciple4jesus

Disciple and Group leader , Creating a place to study and worship our King Jesus. Online discussion through the blog and updates on events and discussions.
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